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Pathao Ltd
Native name
TypeVehicle for hire
FoundedMarch 2015 (2015-03) in Dhaka, Bangladesh[2]
HeadquartersGulshan 2, ,
Area served
Bangladesh, Nepal[3]
Key people
Hussain M Elius(CEO)
Shifat Adnan (CTO)
ProductsMobile app, website, logistics
Number of employees
1200[4] (2019)
DivisionsPathao Food
Pathao Parcel
Pathao Courier (B2B)
Pathao Shop
Pathao Tong
Pathao Pharma
Pathao Nepal Private Limited[3]

Pathao (Bengali: পাঠাও); is a Bangladeshi on-demand digital platform and vehicle for hire company headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The company operates in three cities of Bangladesh: Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, and in Kathmandu, Nepal. Pathao has ride-sharing services, food delivery, courier and E-commerce services.[5][6] Pathao is the first major ride-sharing company in Bangladesh to get enlistment certificate from the authorities.[7]

Pathao is a Bengali word meaning "send". The company was founded by Fahim Saleh, Hussain Elius, and Shifat Adnan.[8]

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