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Literotica (a portmanteau of literature and erotica) is a free erotic fiction website. It allows any user to register as an author and submit stories and has over a million registered users as of April 2010. Amateur authors contribute stories, poems, essays, illustrated stories and audio stories in a variety of categories. As of April 2008 there were more than 29,000 erotic stories posted. ranks the website as the 361st most popular on the internet as of April 9, 2011.[2] As of August 2013 Literotica, a United States-based web site, received 44% of its web traffic from the United States. According to Alexa Internet, other countries with a notable share of the site's web traffic are India with 9.2%, Germany with 8.1%, the United Kingdom with 5.8%, and Canada with 4.4%.[1] As of January 2012 It had 4.5 million visitors per month.[3] In addition to written works, the site includes erotic audio, and a store page.

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