Gim (food)

Racks laver.jpg
Alternative namesLaver
TypeEdible seaweed
Place of originKorea
Associated national cuisineKorean cuisine
Main ingredientsRed algae
Similar dishesNori
Korean name
Revised Romanizationgim

Gim (), also romanized as kim,[1] is the Korean name for edible seaweed species in the genera Pyropia and Porphyra, including P. tenera, P. yezoensis, P. suborbiculata, P. pseudolinearis, P. dentata, and P. seriata.[2]

Along with Wakame (brown seaweed) and Saccharina japonica (kelp), gim is one of the most widely cultivated and consumed types of seaweed in Korea.[3] It is commonly eaten as a banchan (side dish) and used to make seaweed rice rolls known as gimbap.[3]

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