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Gibson Les Paul Doublecut

1960 SG Special
renamed from “Les Paul Special Doublecut” in the late 1959, due to the discontinuation of Les Paul affiliation.[1]

The Gibson Les Paul Doublecut is a double-cutaway version of the Gibson Les Paul electric guitar.

  1. ^ Duchossoir 1998, p. 210, Les Paul Special & SG Special, "The Les Paul Special was introduced in 1955 as an intermediate model between the regular Les Paul guitar and the lower-priced Junior and TV instruments. Like the latter, the Special underwent two successive body redesigns in 1958 and 1961 while the Les Paul affiliation was discontinued in late 1959. The model was then renamed SG Special without any apparent changes in the specification other than the removal of Les Paul marking. Overall four variants of the Special can be distinguished between 1955 and 1965.”, “Les Paul Special (1955-1958) ...”, “Les Paul Special (1955-1958) ...”, “Les Paul Special (1959) ...”, “SG Special (1959-1961) ...”, “SG Special (1961-...) ..."