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Facebook Portal
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DeveloperFacebook, Inc.
ManufacturerFacebook, Inc.
TypeSmart display
Release dateNovember 8, 2018 (2018-11-08)
Operating systemAndroid-based
InputVoice commands

Facebook Portal is a brand of smart displays and videophones developed in 2018 by Facebook, Inc.[1][2] The product line consists of four models (Portal, Portal Plus, Portal Mini, and Portal TV) that provide video chat via Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, augmented by a camera that can automatically zoom and track people's movements.[3] The devices are integrated with Amazon's voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service Alexa.[2][4][5] Facebook uses some types of data collected from Portal devices for targeted advertising.

Reviewers rated the Portal line's video and audio handling capabilities positively, but criticized Facebook's privacy practices for data captured by Portal devices.

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