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Conceptual Love

"Conceptual Love" was the debut single by singer "Bada Badoo" and was the first official single release by any featured performer from X-Factor, UK series 7 (ITV/SYCO, 2010). Bada Badoo, real name Baddar Chowdhry gained notoriety for his initial stage performance on the X-Factor (UK) TV Series. Bada Badoo entered the competition at the Cardiff, Wales auditions and reached the latter stages of Boot camp. With a geek persona his televised performance of the Tom Jones version of ‘I Who Have Nothing’ coined a Cheryl Cole soundbyte ‘Don’t Judge a book by its cover’. The geek persona was later carried forward in to the promotion campaign for the Conceptual Love Single released by I-innovate (UK). The original music composition for Conceptual Love was based on a song by R&B/Soul group The Wah Wah Collective called ‘Quartet Junkie’. This original recording was taken by I-innovate (UK), indie label of the Wah Wah Collective and restructured by the Greasy Geezers production unit for the Bada Badoo release.

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