Babar the Elephant

Babar the Elephant
Cover of the first Babar story, Histoire de Babar (Story of Babar), published 1931
First appearanceHistoire de Babar, 1931
Created byJean de Brunhoff
Voiced byPeter Ustinov
Jim Bradford
Gordon Pinsent
Dan Lett
Gavin Magrath (young)
Kristin Fairlie (young)
Daniel Davies
Lee Majors
In-universe information
AliasBabar, Doctor of Letters, King of the Elephants
ChildrenPom, Flora, Alexander, Isabelle
RelativesArthur (brother-in-law), Badou (grandson), Lulu (granddaughter), Periwinkle (daughter-in-law), Cory (son-in-law)
Babar the Elephant
AuthorJean de Brunhoff
GenreChildren's literature
Media typePrint (hardcover and paperback)

Babar the Elephant (UK: /ˈbæbɑːr/, US: /bəˈbɑːr/; French pronunciation: [babaʁ]) is a fictional elephant character who first appeared in 1931 in the French children's book Histoire de Babar by Jean de Brunhoff.[1]

The book is based on a tale that Brunhoff's wife, Cécile, had invented for their children.[2] It tells of a young elephant, named Babar, whose mother is killed by a hunter. Babar escapes, and in the process leaves the jungle in exile, visits a big city, and returns to bring the benefits of civilization to his fellow elephants. Just as he returns to his community of elephants, their king dies from eating a bad mushroom. Because of his travels and civilization, Babar is appointed king of the elephant kingdom. He marries his cousin, and they subsequently have children and teach them valuable lessons.[3][4]

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