1933 double eagle

Double eagle ($20.00)
United States
Value$20.00 U.S. dollars
Mass33.431 g
Diameter34.1 mm (1.34252 in)
Thickness2.0 mm (0.07874 in)
EdgeLettered – E Pluribus Unum
Composition90% gold, 10% copper
Years of minting1933
DesignLiberty holding a torch and olive branch, backed by a glory
DesignerAugustus Saint-Gaudens
Design date1907
DesignBald eagle in flight, backed by a glory, with motto
DesignerAugustus Saint-Gaudens
Design date1907

The 1933 double eagle is a United States 20-dollar gold coin. Although 445,500 specimens of this Saint-Gaudens double eagle were minted in 1933, none were ever officially circulated, and all but two were ordered to be melted down. However, 20 more are known to have been rescued from melting by being stolen and found their way into the hands of collectors before later being recovered. Nine of the recovered coins were destroyed, making this one of the world's rarest coins, with only 13 known specimens remaining—only one of which is privately owned.

The two intentionally spared coins are in the U.S. National Numismatic Collection, ten others are held in the United States Bullion Depository at Fort Knox, and the one remaining recovered coin was sold in 2002 to an anonymous private owner who paid US$7.59 million for it (equivalent to $10.8 million as of 2020)[1] —the second-highest price paid at auction for a single U.S. coin.[2][3]

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